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Q: What is this place?

Well, after arriving back on Earth in 1965, Ian and Barbara needed a way to explain their two-year absence to their families and friends. What they decided to do was run off and get married that same afternoon, then return to visit everyone wearing rings and claiming to have been travelling the world. Of course, people were rather put-out that there hadn't even been a single postcard in all that time, but being Ian and Barbara they managed to make everything sound logical and sensible, and they forged ahead, buying a little house, having children, returning to Coal Hill School to teach, and everyone had to agree that their stories must be true. In fact you'd say there was nothing remarkable about those two at all, other than a tendency to smile together over secrets and be captivated by shooting stars.

Q: Uh... what?

In laymen's terms, this is a home base for fans of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright: two characters who were regulars in the first two seasons of a quirky, very long-running and very British science fiction series called Doctor Who.

It should be noted that this is one of those notorious "shipping" communites, so much comm discussion will probably be devoted to what a fantastic romantic couple they are and why everyone else in the universe should think the same. (Though general discussion based around both characters and their episodes is accepted here as well).

Feel free to post anything regarding either of the pair - fanfic, icons, episode reviews, book reviews, rambles, commentary - if it's about Ian or Barbara, it's all good.

Q: So who runs things here?

The moderators for this community are livii, a New School fan who got herself sucked into Old School fandom along with it. And morgeil, a Old School fan who just happens to like the new series too. (Quite a pair, aren't they?) So any comm questions should be directed to one or either of them.

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